RS WIFI AT&T Wireless Internet

RS WIFI AT&T Wireless Broadband provides a reliable wireless internet connection over our cellular network. It’s a great solution for businesses looking to set up primary internet service, temporary connectivity at new or remote locations, or a back-up to their main connection.

Internet Services

What is RS Wifi?

RS WIFI wireless broadband is a cellular service. Cellular technology has evolved to where it can provide essential internet access where sufficient cellular coverage exists. This connection can provide a flexible alternative to traditional broadband technologies for businesses or homes.

RS WIFI provides affordable internet access to businesses and homes with critical applications in mind. Point-of-sale systems, ATMs, or anything else needed to keep your business running would be considered business-critical.

Our wireless broadband plans offer: 

  • Unlimited data

  • Fast Track allowance 

  • Fixed monthly rate with no overage charges 

  • 4G/5G+ access

How does RS WIFI work?

RS WIFI is a reliable, wireless internet solution using a mobile hotspot or router over our cellular network. There is no wireline construction required. For optimal RS WIFI performance, your business or home location must have sufficient in-building cellular coverage. Because of that requirement, assessing your building’s coverage is strongly recommended before purchasing RS WIFI.

Why should I choose RS WIFI?

RS WIFI is a reliable, wireless internet solution that may benefit your business or home. No unique wireline construction is required. Wireless Broadband is often a great solution if your business has pop-up locations, such as temporary kiosks, special events, trade shows, etc. RS WIFI can also provide additional bandwidth for your business to connect your point-of-sale systems, cloud-based applications, and more.

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