North America’s largest bedding manufacturers, the company behind the Serta®, Beautyrest®, Simmons® and Tuft & Needle® brands.

Serta® and Beautyrest® are among America’s best-selling mattress brands – iconic names that stand for authentic quality, innovation and integrity.

Giving people great sleep is the ultimate aim of everything we do. That’s why at Serta Simmons Bedding we work tirelessly – so you can rest easy. And we’ve been doing just that for well over a century.

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t was 1925 and Americans were getting better rest than ever before thanks to the then newly-invented Pocketed Coil®. For the first time, a signature, mass-produced bed, offered individual support and motion separation.


Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin builder, started Sealy by making cotton-filled mattresses for friends. In 1889, he invented a machine that compressed cotton. Building upon the machine’s success, he licensed it to others to make mattresses with the name “mattresses from Sealy


A champion of comfort for all, Serta, Inc. (“Serta”) has pioneered sleep innovation for more than 90 years, bringing quality products to more than 150 countries worldwide.


Since we started in 2012, we’ve made listening to our customers our priority. We didn’t like what we saw in the mattress industry and heard that customers felt taken advantage of. So we created an experience that made mattress shopping easy and enjoyable.