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Record & Sound Shop brings you high-speed internet from Exede

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High Speed Satellite Internet - Get Exede in Jackson, AL from Record & Sound Shop

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Record & Sound Shop brings you high-speed internet from Exede

Exede available in Jackson, AL from Record & Sound Shop

Exede from Record & Sound Shop is the newest satellite internet provider for rural areas. Owing to ViaSat's revolutionary technology, the company that brought WildBlue to the world, Exede comes out on top of the online game, topping all that anyone expects from a satellite Internet supplier. E-mails, movies and pictures have never been faster, easier or more detailed to access than with this fast-paced internet. This ultimate combination of fast optimized bandwidth and wireless technology has enabled even those who live out in the country to access the connection that will enable them to get the most out of the Internet.

Internet Package Options

A number of package choices are available to fit your individual requirements as well as your pocketbook. Our first package offer for a monthly 10GB bandwidth is just $49.99. This offer is great for light internet usage such as research, emails and the daily news. For an additional $30, you can enrich your multimedia internet experience by doubling the capacity to 15GB. For those who spend a great deal more time on the computer, the 15GB plan is ideally suited; this is the plan that will facilitate the use of graphics heavy sites like YouTube and Facebook. The final plan we offer provides you with 25GB with the highest, best and fastest quality that satellite internet can provide you for just $129.99 per month. It is the ideal choice for families and for those who are the most experienced in surfing the web and accessing many different online content. Exede's packages promise you the same quality service and support that ViaSat always gave its customers.

HughesNet - An Alternative

HughesNet, another satellite broadband company associated with Dish Network has similar deals but offer more restrictions. Their cap is at 250MB per day so customers are not allowed the full advantages that Exede clients are when browsing the net. HughesNet is on its way to a breakthrough in the next few years with a new satellite system but, up until then, Exede may be a better choice.

High Speed Cable Internet

Online services hosted by cable companies such as Time Warner, Cox and Comcast restrict patrons to one provider and certain logistic areas in which their Internet cables run. For people who reside in out of the way regions, this can pose a definite problem. Despite its shortcomings, cable internet from companies such as Time Warner, Comcast and Cox still offer high speed internet for many customers across the country.

Fiber Optic Internet - Verizon and Google

Verizon FiOS has been around for a while - offering a fiber optic based internet connection. Google Fiber is a more recent addition to the fiber optic clan. Fiber optic technology is fairly new in relation to cable. It still uses a cable but one that is made of a flexible glass tube. This tube allows for almost transparent data transportation and allows for a greater bandwidth than traditional electrical cables allow. It may, however, be years before you can experience this engorged bandwidth if you don't already have access. Running thousands of miles of cable takes a long time for just a couple of companies to do.

Advanced Technology

Introduced in 2012, this new type of satellite was developed from the newest and best technology in the world. Exede is the best of all possible options, as it provides a strong satellite connection in rural regions limited to DSL and dial up connections. Through the use of the Ka band (a decided improvement from the Ku band used by providers like Hughesnet), ViaSat 1 provides an exalted bandwidth level and speed, enabling the user to surf at the same velocity as those who have cable.

This ideal mix of Internet technology has now been idealized to provide the ultimate online experience. The world is at your fingertips with Exede Broadband Jackson, AL from Record & Sound Shop--clear, fast and uninterrupted.